Thursday, August 14, 2014

Workshop on Starting a Free Range Egg Farm

Our next workshop on setting up free range egg farm will be held on Wednesday October 15 as part of Fair Food Week.  Details are on our website.
Attendees will get most out of the day if they have read our eBook.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Forum on 'free range' at egg industry meeting in Canberra

A new free range standard and possible new egg labelling requirements in Australia will be discussed at the next egg industry Forum in Canberra in November.

  After a presentation by the NSW Department of Fair Trading to the Forum egg farmers will be able to participate in a consultation session with Department officials about the issues.

The NSW Department of Fair Trading was tasked by the Ministerial Council of Fair Trading/Consumer Affairs to draft a national information standard on free range eggs and  minimum labelling requirements for egg labelling. The draft will be considered by the Ministerial Council next April.
The Forum will take place on November19 aand 20  in Canberra and it will be followed by the annual meeting of the Australian Egg Corporation.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's not only the world's bees that are dying off - birds are also now threatened by pesticides. The message of 'Silent Spring' is on the way back.

New research has identified the world’s most widely used insecticides as the key factor in the recent reduction in numbers of farmland birds.
The finding represents a significant escalation of the known dangers of the insecticides and follows an assessment in June that warned that pervasive pollution by these nerve agents was now threatening all food production.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bass Coast Business Awards

Bass Coast Shire is running its Business Awards programme again this year. One of the categories is the People's Choice Award - where customers can  nominate any business operating within the Shire.Nominations for People’s Choice close 5.00pm Friday, 8 August 2014.
Customers can nominate Freeranger Eggs on the voting site!_Peoples_Choice_Award
Just by nominating a business, customers can win a $250 shopping voucher.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sense at last in Australia (maybe)

With a bit of luck, we hope that Australia has avoided the prospect of 'freedom fighters' wreaking havoc throughout the country.

There has been massive community unrest over decisions made by national politicians - but potentially the most damaging problems have been caused by the ultra right-wing Queensland state government which ignored the normal legal processes everyone thought were part of our civilization.

Now after a stinging election result, the Queensland premier is making noises to curb his vicious approach to people. We expect that Australia's embarrassing Prime Minister will also tone down his attack on the Australian population (as well as his allegations against the Russians and his Foreign Minister's allegations against the Chinese Government.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

UK free range producers back our stand on stocking densities

An article in the  British Free Range Egg Producers Association magazine backs our view that the Australian egg industry needs to encourage more small-scale free range farms rather than the mega farms which are add-ons to existing cage or barn facilities.
Here's a story they ran following comments by Aussie poultry vet Dr Peter Scott confirming that intensive 'free range' is not the way to go.

This article should help to reinforce the push for a realistic definition of the term'free range' which hopefully will be established by the Ministers for Consumer Affairs when they next meet.

Once there is a clear definition, there is expected to be a massive increase in interest in establishing free range farms. This sector of the industry has been  depressed by  corporate producers who dominate the market with their deceptive practices in labelling intensively produced eggs as 'free range'.

There is strong demand for our  eBook and our workshops on setting up a free range farm - and once legislation is in place, that demand is likely to become an avalanche.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is a polar reversal about to start?

There has been a growing scientific debate about a looming reversal of the earth's magnetic field – a flip of polarity which would switch the North and South poles.

But there's no need to worry it's not expected to start happening for a couple of decades – and it might take 1000 years to complete (but fossil remains have demonstrated that in the past, polar reversals have occurred within just a couple of years.

Magnetic reversals are triggered by Sunspot activity, the solar wind, and the interplanetary magnetic field induced primarily by the Sun.The Earth's geomagnetic field, is greatly influenced by solar effects. These include everything from disruptions in electronic or electromagnetic communications during heightened sunspot activity to minor shifts in our magnetic poles - which have been recorded at between. 8 and 10 degrees.

The effects of other planets' electromagnetic fields on the Earth are generally dismissed as insignificant in comparison to the solar effects. Major effects such as other planets causing or triggering magnetic pole reversals are not considered remotely possible. This is because  the solar wind dominates interplanetary space.

However, when the solar wind is temporarily interrupted, any planets' magnetosphere may significantly influence the electromagnetic properties of other planets.

During the periods of 'Sun-Jupiter oppositions', the Earth is directly between the Sun and Jupiter. Because of the differences in the inclination of the orbits of the two planets, such oppositions usually refer only to the longitudinal dimension—the latitudinal dimension is still considerably different, so  the Earth is not effectively in alignment with the Sun and Jupiter. Such alignment occurs only when the Earth passes between the Sun and Jupiter longitudinally, and simultaneously, the difference in latitude between the Earth and Jupiter is less than one minute of arc.  when such a near-perfect alignment does occur, the effects may be significant!

The concept suggested is that during a near-perfect alignment of the Sun, Earth, and Jupiter -- i.e. the longitudes of Earth and Jupiter are exact, and the differences in latitude within less than one minute of arc -- the “Jupiter Wind”, responds to the temporary cessation of the dynamic pressure of the solar wind (caused by the Earth's electromagnetic “shadow” falling on Jupiter's magnetosphere) by an electromagnetic surge in the direction of the null spot of the solar wind. This so-called Jupiter Wind consists of charged particles with negatively charged electrons leading the way and leaving the larger positively charged protons behind. The charged particles, no longer constrained by the pressure of the solar wind, are essentially flung out into space in the direction of the Earth.

The alignment is a dynamic event and the solar wind quickly reasserts its dominant pressure as the Earth moves out from between the Sun and Jupiter. For this reason, the charged particles reaching the Earth initially are electrons.  The leading edge of the Jupiter Wind would effectively sweep across the earth (just as the Earth's shadow swept across the face of Jupiter), causing a negatively charged surge, which when in combination with the solar wind could cause a massive electromagnetic force against the Earth's geomagnetic field. In many respects, the Jupiter Wind could provide the trigger and “reversing mechanism” while the solar wind provides the power.

The potential for such a geomagnetic pole reversal event ispredictable by simply calculating those dates when the Sun-Earth-Jupiter alignment is sufficiently precise to cause the shadowing effect.

Geopalenotologists rather glibly talk of such reversals occurring every million years or so. By their own data, however, such reversals have occurred, on average, every 400,000 years, and the last such reversal was 730,000 years ago. Logic suggests that the earth is overdue for a geomagnetic pole reversal.